Supporting a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels

Engaging the youth branches of political parties on climate change issues
Challenge Influence
Uncovering how PR agencies are pushing the fossil fuel agenda
Getting fossil fuel interests out of academia
Challenge Finance
Getting US banks out of fossil fuels
A grassroots movement working to defund climate misinformation in the media

We find ourselves in a climate crisis caused by human-made greenhouse gas emissions. It is one of the greatest and most urgent threats humanity and our planet have ever faced.  We are currently not on track to mitigate this crisis.

What we do

KR Foundation’s purpose is to address the climate crisis by pushing for a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels at a global level. In line with the Paris climate agreement, as signed by governments, and backed by industry and society.

We do this by:

  • Challenging the ongoing financing of fossil fuels. Every dollar invested delays the crucial phase-out.
  • Challenging the social and political influence of the fossil fuel industry. There are no legitimate arguments for continuing this threat to humanity and our planet. This must be made clear to everyone.
  • Supporting the transition to a sustainable economic paradigm. Our current economic paradigm has breached 6 out of 9 planetary boundaries, including climate change. We need to usher in a new paradigm that works for the living planet and all people.

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KR Foundation in Denmark

In 2021, KR Foundation expanded its grant making in Denmark and is currently funding civil society organisations working to accelerate the green transition. We primarily focus on projects that aim to increase public  engagement and advance new economic thinking. We collaborate with other Danish foundations to support these agendas and help accelerate ambitious climate action.

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