Yes, in my backyard

Green Transition Denmark
Green Transition Denmark
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Climate Communication

While support for ambitious climate action generally has been on the rise in Denmark over the past ten years, there is still pushback on concrete climate initiatives across the country. The so-called “not in my backyard” (NIMBY) phenomenon has been known to slow down renewable infrastructure projects and other climate friendly initiatives.

To counter this attitude, Danish environmental organization Green Transition Denmark has launched a project called “Yes, in my backyard”. The aim is to tell positive stories about green frontrunners, passionate citizens, and entrepreneurs, who have been able to convince local communities to say yes to windfarms, solar power, and other transformative green projects in their backyard. Through constructive journalism and storytelling, this project aims to reach target audiences that are different from the traditional climate activists and increase support for ambitious and accelerated climate action.

Green Transition Denmark
Green Transition Denmark is an independent environmental organization that works to promote a green and sustainable transformation of society. They do this by creating and disseminating knowledge about green solutions and by helping politicians, companies and citizens to make green choices.