How we work

The mission of KR Foundation is to address the root causes of climate change and environmental degradation.

Most of KR Foundation’s international funding is allocated to two programme areas: Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Behaviour. Additionally, KR Foundation engages in the areas of New Economy and Climate Communications.

KR Foundation supports non-profit activities with positive impacts on our climate and environment, and supports projects where neither governments nor market actors seem to have incentives to act.

Programme areas

Humanity is facing unprecedented risks caused by climate change and environmental degradation. The unsustainable production and consumption patterns of modern societies, and especially the dependency on fossil fuels, is changing our climate and damaging our eco-systems at an extraordinary scale and pace. KR Foundation addresses theses crises through four areas of work:


Sustainable Finance

Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground

In order to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement and avert dangerous climate change and environmental degradation, 4/5 of the known fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground. Yet, the existing financial system is driving and supporting the production and consumption of fossil fuels to unsustainable levels.

Sustainable Finance supports interventions that aim to shift both public and private financial incentives and flows (such as investments, subsidies, taxes, regulation, etc.) away from fossil fuel production and consumption and onto a pathway compatible with the Paris Agreement. Priority regions are Europe and South-East and East Asia.




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Sustainable Behaviour

Mainstreaming low-emission living

Household consumption accounts for 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which makes the transition to sustainable lifestyles an essential part of tackling climate change, especially in high income countries. There is a significant and largely untapped potential for rapidly reducing demand for energy and resources through behaviour changes.

Sustainable Behaviour supports interventions that develop and disseminate narratives incentivizing sustainable behaviour and lifestyles, and that counter narratives incentivizing unsustainable behaviour and lifestyles – with advertising and the advertising industry as the central focal point. The programme area also supports efforts to mainstream the science- and evidence-base for sustainable lifestyles. The geographical priority is developed economies.

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Climate Communication

Climate change communication is pivotal to creating public support for impactful policies, bringing about large scale behavioural change and galvanising new movements. KR Foundation supports the clear and concise communication of climate science, with a special focus on new media and digital communication.


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New Economy

The current economic system is not equipped to meet today’s challenges of climate change and the degradation of biodiversity and ecosystems. As part of the donor collaborative, Partners for a New Economy, KR Foundation supports projects that bring new thinking and approaches to traditional economics.

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