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Creatives for Climate
Creatives for Climate
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Sustainable Behaviour

The marketing, advertising, and PR industry drives behavior and influences the public agenda. High carbon clients, including oil and gas firms, rely on the power of the “influence industries” to ensure public acceptance and grow their business. Meanwhile, there is a growing movement calling for change – to divest from oil and gas and stop the influence industries work for big polluters.

Creatives for Climate
Creatives for Climate is a global not-for-profit network of thousands of creative industry professionals committed to using their creativity for good. Through community and capacity building, Creatives for Climate help industry professionals tackle greenwashing and find opportunities to drive action. Creatives for Climate focus on three core pillars of activity: 1) Creating connections between industry professionals and facilitating both on- and offline community activities. 2) Workshops and training to provide new skill-sets to people in the creative industry. 3) Creative impact campaigns that mobilize public support for divesting both talent and money from the high carbon industries.