Taking action on climate misinformation

Climate Disinformation Coalition
Climate Disinformation Coalition
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Climate Communications

Mis- and disinformation about climate change is a massive threat to ambitious climate action – both systemically and individually. As people increasingly turn to social media for news, information and debate, the big tech platforms need to take responsibility for whether the information people receive is true or not, and for their role in amplifying mis- and disinformation.

The climate disinformation coalition is a 35+ organization strong group of NGOs that are working to limit mis- and disinformation about climate change on social media, primarily by monitoring, targeting, and engaging with the major tech platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and pushing for policy reforms at the domestic and international level.

Climate Disinformation Coalition
The Coalition is spearheaded by Friends of the Earth and includes Climate Nexus, the Union of Concerned Scientists, InfluenceMap, Media Matters, and Environmental Defense Fund to name a few.