Challenging the status quo of mainstream economics

Rethinking Economics Denmark
Rethinking Economics Denmark
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New Economy

The current global economic system is incompatible with planetary limits. Growth dependent economies are fueling the climate crisis by demanding ever-increasing levels of natural resource consumption and energy use. There is a need to imagine and implement an economic system that is fit for the challenges of the 21st Century – a system, which enables nature, communities, and all people to thrive simultaneously.

Rethinking Economics Denmark wishes to challenge mainstream economics' power of thought and practice when it comes to shaping the debate on the intersection of economics and climate crisis. Through network and capacity building initiatives as well as production of informative and accessible SoMe content, Rethinking Economics Denmark intends to support more civil society actors  in taking part in the public debate on the economy, economics, and the climate crisis, ensuring that the widespread yet false perception of neoclassical economics as a value-free scientific discipline does not continue to legitimise policy measures that prioritise GDP growth at the expense of climate action.

Rethinking Economics Denmark
Rethinking Economics is an international network of students and recent graduates building a better economics for the classroom, with the support of academic allies. By organising campaigns, events and engaging projects, Rethinking Economics connects people globally to bring about economics education that is pluralist, realistic, diverse and decolonised.