Accelerating fossil fuel phase out in Asia

Solution for Our Climate
Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC)
DKK 2,500,000
Programme Area
Sustainable Finance

South Korea is key to Asia’s energy transition. The country remains the third-largest public fossil fuel financier among the G20 and has yet to sufficiently accelerate the transition from coal to clean energy.

South Korean NGO, Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC), has set out to change this. The organization collaborates with domestic and international civil society organizations to advice and pressure South Korean policymakers and financiers to phase out fossil fuels. They do this by providing sound financial analysis, engaging with decision-makers, and conducting media and communications activities targeted towards key financial institutions.

KR Foundation has supported SFOC since 2020. In 2021, the South Korean government committed to end their international coal financing, a decision that SFOC played a key role in facilitating. KR Foundation has just renewed its support for SFOC for another two years.

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Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC)
Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC) is an independent policy research and advocacy group working to align Korea’s power sector emissions to be compatible with the Paris Agreement 1.5°C warming target. Leveraging our core competencies of research, litigation, and advocacy, SFOC aspires to make Korea become the first East Asian country to phase out coal power, end public financing for coal power projects, and complete an energy transition toward 100% renewables, thus serving as an example for other Asian countries to follow suit. SFOC works with domestic and international civil society organisations to pressure Korean policymakers and financiers to phase out coal power, end financing of coal power, and enable the development of renewables. Our programs currently include (i) Korean domestic coal power, (ii) overseas coal power, (iii) renewables, and (iv) litigation.