A net-zero UK pension industry

Campaigning for fossil-free pensions
Make My Money Matter
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Sustainable Finance

There is over USD 4tr invested in UK pension, with much of it funding harmful industries like fossil fuels, tobacco, and arms.

Make My Money Matter aims to pressure the UK pension industry to align to net zero and end fossil fuel investment by mobilising citizens to use their pension power and demand net zero pensions from their pension providers and employers. By ramping up the public demand for investments that build a better world, the financial system can be transformed as decision makers and companies are forced into sustainable transitions.

However, the issue is not only moral. Evidence shows that sustainable, resilient, well-run companies are more likely to perform better in the long run. Companies that do harm are riskier places to invest in for the long term because they face a future of increasing consumer criticism, government regulation and financial penalties. Make My Money Matter campaigns to show that investing in responsible businesses not just makes a better world, but also better returns.

Make My Money Matter
Make My Money Matter is a campaign organisation, focused on driving heightened ambition in the UK pensions sector to take responsibility for their carbon-intensive investments.