Humanity is facing unprecedented risks caused by climate change and environmental degradation.
The unsustainable production and consumption patterns of modern societies, and especially the dependency on fossil fuels, is changing our climate and damaging our eco-systems at an extraordinary scale and pace.


The mission of KR Foundation is to address the root causes of climate change and environmental degradation.

The burning of fossil fuels and unsustainable consumption patterns are two interlinked root causes fueling the current climate crisis. An unprecedented transformation of our societies needs to happen to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

That is why KR Foundation primarily works within two programme areas: Sustainable Finance, to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and Sustainable Behaviour; to mainstream low-impact living.

Meet our Board

Connie Hedegaard


Astrid Kann-Rasmussen

Vice-Chair and Co-Founder

Anthony Leiserowitz

Board member

Dr. Johan Rockström

Board member

Tim Jackson

Board member

Meet our staff

Brian Valbjørn Sørensen

Executive Director

Kate Power

Programme Director

Alexander Ege

Programme Director

Jakob Bo Nielsen

Communications Director

Astrid Alexandersen

Programme Officer

Tanja Wetterstein Simonsen

Executive Assistant

KR Foundation was established in December 2014 by VILLUM FONDEN and the descendants of
MSc (Eng) Villum Kann Rasmussen. The foundation is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but works internationally. We collaborate closely with THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS
and the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation.



KR Foundation’s annual reports captures a few of the highlights and achievements of the year that were possible thanks to the Foundation’s grantees and partners