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Sustainable Finance

Our finance system exploits the natural world. Damaging behaviours are incentivised, conflicting regulatory obligations limit positive change, and pension funds undermine our future security by financing harmful activities like fossil fuels. Without action to prevent financing of destructive activities, conservation efforts may win battles but risk fighting a losing war. 

ShareAction works to mobilise investors to push the companies that they own to address the climate crisis. Through researching, ranking, educating, and influencing investors and banks, ShareAction drives tangible progress in taking the temperature of global responsible investment approaches. It sheds light on the immense power of capital allocation decisions and the influence investors wield over companies with the aim to transform investors into allies of the planet and transform towards a sustainable economy.

The Asset Owners Disclosure Project provides one of the seminal annual rankings of the financial sector and its progress on climate change. It continues to serve as the watchdog for whether the financial sector, or at least its largest actors, can live up to their ambition as transparency and disclosure are becoming increasingly mainstream.

ShareAction is a charity that has spent the last 12 years building the movement for responsible investment. It now aims to take the movement worldwide, to transform the investment system and unlock its potential to be a force for good. ShareAction’s demand for a legal framework that gives citizens’ rights to information about where and how their assets are invested is designed to achieve a virtuous circle in which people can see what happens to their money and become more engaged with the workings of the investment system.

Aims of the project:

  • Engaging with the largest global insurance companies, and pushing them to improve their responsible investment and communicate key conclusions to policymakers, regulators and civil society organisations.
  • Assessing the 20 largest European banks’ climate-related performance, and pushing them to step up their climate-related ambition and fossil fuel exclusion criteria.
  • Assessing the 75 largest asset managers’ performance on responsible investment.
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"Our mission is to leverage the global financial system to tackle key global issues, with a focus on climate change, human rights, and biodiversity."