Fighting to ban fossil fuels advertising in Australia

Comms Declare
Comms Declare
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Misleading advertising and greenwashing are widespread in Australia, a country that contributes vastly to global climate change relative to its population. It is one of the top export- ers of LNG and coal in the world, and its per capita emissions are the highest in the OECD, undermining international efforts to reduce fossil fuel use. To protect vested interests and maintain the status quo, the AUD 202bn fossil fuel industry spends large sums to spread misinformation and is routinely engaged in corporate greenwashing.

To curb the influence of the fossil fuel industry, the organisation Comms Declare has set out to have fossil fuel ads banned in Australia. Starting with local councils and expand- ing to state and national levels, the campaign will agitate for legislative curbs on the advertising and sponsorship of high-carbon products and fossil fuel companies. To achieve this, they have launched a massive public campaign that aims to expose the negative impacts of fossil fuel advertising and mobilise large parts of the public to put pressure on politicians.

This is the first time that KR Foundation has provided sup- port to Comms Declare.

Comms Declare
Comms Declare was founded in early 2020 as a response to the fact that public relations (PR), marketing and advertising agencies are often aiding and promoting the corporations that are creating the climate emergency. Comms Declare is a volunteer industry association that has more than 330 members, including over 80 agencies and five environmental organisations, who have declared they will not support any activities, organisations, or individuals that promote: 1) the growth of fossil fuels, 2) greenhouse gas pollution as ‘business as usual’, and 3) deception, distraction or spin around climate science or climate actions.