A grassroots movement working to defund climate misinformation in the media

Stop Funding Heat
Stop Funding Heat
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Digital Climate Communication

Climate misinformation is a big obstacle to effective climate action. The United Nations has warned that “Rampant disinformation is delaying climate action”, and the latest report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) notes that: “Vested interests have generated rhetoric and misinformation that undermines climate science and disregards risk and urgency” resulting in “public misperception of climate risks and polarised public support for climate actions”.

Stop Funding Heat
The UK-based Stop Funding Heat campaign aims to defund climate misinformation in the media by supporting and growing a grassroots movement that encourages brands to pull advertising from media that promote climate misinformation. The idea for The Stop Funding Heat campaign has grown out of the successful Stop Funding Hate campaign, which has had great success with this approach in curbing hate speech in the media. Stop Funding Heat will start its campaign in the UK and later scale to other countries.