2017 Grants

     Grants 2017

Subarea__ Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Catalyst for Change Islamic Relief UK Driving Faith-Literate Climate Aware Sustainable Behaviours in the Muslim Community Jun/2018 2,917,645
Catalyst for Change Public Interest Research Centre UK Open Framing May/2020 1,394,400
Catalyst for Change Tearfund UK “Renew our World” Apr/2020 2,633,185
Catalyst for Change The Democracy Center BOL From the Ground Up: Strengthening Active Citizenship on Climate Change Jul/2020 2,786,204
Subarea__ Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Keep it in the Ground 2° Investing Initiative FR Enhancing the Impact of NGOs and Investors Strategies on Fossil Fuels Nov/2018 1,198,890
Keep it in the Ground Both ENDS NL New Corporate Social Responsibility Policies for ECAs to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Finance Apr/2019 1,000,000
Keep it in the Ground Fundacion Ambiente y Recursos Naturales AR Incentivizing Fossil Fuel Subsidies Reform in Key Latin American Countries May/2020 2,000,000
Keep it in the Ground InfluenceMap UK Shareholders of the Fossil Fuel Economy: Oil and Gas Value Chain Apr/2018 1,249,275
Keep it in the Ground Oil Change International US Keeping Carbon in the Ground: Advancing the Conversation in Key Countries on Carbon Budgets and Managed Decline Jun/2019 1,400,454
Keep it in the Ground Stichting Bank Information Center NL Exposing the IFC’s Hidden Carbon Footprint May/2020 2,999,548
Keep it in the Ground Urgewald GE Cutting off Bank Finance to Coal Plant Developers May/2019 3,686,964
Other 350.org US General Support Apr/2018 2,000,000
Subarea__ Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
New Venture Fund US Laudato Si: Nature, Society, Markets Nov/2017 250,000
Communi-cation Climate Tracker AU Young Climate Journalist Leadership Program Dec/2017 594,400
International Policy New Economics Foundation UK Halting the Deregulation Drive: Democratic Law-Making for Sustainable Behaviour Change Jun/2019 1,724,321
International Policy Sandbag Climate Campagin UK Laying the Path to a Post 2030 Integrated EU Wide GHG Emissions Governance Structure Dec/2017 1,000,000
Regranters ClimateWorks Foundation US Mobilizing Philanthropy to Solve the Climate Crisis and Ensure a Prosperous Future 2017-2019 Jun/2019 3,500,000
Regranters Swiss Philanthropy Foundation CH Partners for a New Economy 2017-2018 May/2019 3,350,000