Dr. Johan Rockström

Dr. Johan Rockström

Board member

Johan Rockström (1964)

Professor in Environmental Science with emphasis on water resources and global Sustainability at Stockholm University, and the Executive Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Appointed by the founders 2015-2016, re-elected by the Board 2017-2019.

Other positions:
– Serves on the board of the Global Challenges Foundation in Sweden
– Chairs the EAT Advisory Board
– Chairs the Water Land Ecosystem program steering committee of the CGIA
– Chairs the Earth League
– Serves on the Swedish PM’s Innovation council
– Serves on Swedish Delegation 2030 (for the SDGs)
– Serves on the Swedish Science Council for sustainable development (Vetenskapliga rådet för hållbar utveckling)
– Advisor to Mission 2020
– Steering committee member of the Rockefeller Foundation/NERC “Towards a Sustainable Earth” (TaSE)
– Member of the Leadership Council of the SDSN (and co-lead of the World in 2050 – TWI2050 initiative)