Program Areas

Program Areas

KR Foundation currently has two program areas: Sustainable Behaviour and Sustainable Finance. Read more about the program areas below.

Sustainable Behaviour - Catalysts for Change

Sustainable behaviour is a critical, yet often overlooked aspect of climate mitigation. Both bottom-up and top-down initiatives show that there is huge potential for reducing emissions through mainstreaming low-impact living – through policy tools, innovative communications, changing cultural norms and shifting choice architecture to facilitate the normalisation of sustainable behaviours.

KR Foundation focuses on addressing the root causes of climate change: within sustainable behaviour, this means supporting a transition away from high-impact lifestyles towards ways of living that are sustainable and offer high levels of wellbeing. The Foundation prioritises proposals that can rapidly scale up both the ambition level and impact of work towards sustainable behaviour.

KR Foundation invites proposals within the following three areas, which are perceived as important catalysts for change towards sustainable behaviour:

Initiating transformational communications
Innovative forms of communication are needed to increase understanding of the high impacts of current lifestyles, as well as disseminating inspiring narratives and visions for ways of living that are truly sustainable. KR Foundation encourages proposals that shift perceptions about the possibilities for rapid and positive changes in behaviour, whether with the public, policy makers or other stakeholders.

Promoting policy acceptance for transformational change
KR Foundation supports work that increases support for strong policy-making on sustainable behaviour. Effective policy tools for significant behaviour change may sometimes be viewed as radical or unpopular; there is a need to build enthusiasm for strong policy implementation, with the public and key institutions. This work may also include projects that model the contribution that sustainable behaviour can make to climate mitigation pathways, promoting policy options for demand-side mitigation or promoting the choice architecture that can facilitate sustainable behaviour. The Foundation also supports projects based on active citizenship to promote policies that encourage sustainable ways of living.

Creating social norms for sustainable behaviour
KR Foundation supports work that normalises low-impact and regenerative ways of living. Innovative approaches are encouraged, which may range from working with individual trendsetters to building wide social movements for deep change towards sustainable ways of life, especially in high-impact countries. In addition, promoting intrinsic values and pro-environmental mindsets is also essential for avoiding rebound effects while rapidly scaling up new behavioural norms.

As many civil society organisations are beginning to move into the field of sustainable behaviour, KR Foundation also supports capacity building of the sector in order to promote evidence-based interventions towards sustainable living.

In the sustainable behaviour programme area, KR Foundation does not accept proposals relating to:

  • Sustainable production and business models, including circular economy
  • Labelling and consumer information campaigns
  • Sustainable diets or behaviour change relating to food
  • Waste management, including plastic waste
  • Forests, including conservation, afforestation, and reforestation
  • Agriculture, including agro-ecology and soil carbon sequestration
  • Indigenous cultures

Please note that KR Foundation’s general criteria for funding also apply to the sustainable behaviour programme area.

To submit an application within our Sustainable Behaviour programme area, please follow our 3-step application process.

Sustainable Finance - Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground

In order to avert dangerous climate change and environmental degradation, most of the known fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground. Yet, the existing financial system is driving the production and consumption of fossil fuels to unsustainable levels.

KR Foundation focuses on addressing the root causes of climate change: within sustainable finance, this means supporting interventions that aim to shift financial incentives (such as investments, subsidies, taxes, regulation, etc.) away from fossil fuel production and consumption.

KR Foundation invites proposals for activities aimed at keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Such activities could be related to:

  • Stranded assets and un-burnable fossil fuel reserves;
  • Financial incentives to keep fossil fuels in the ground;
  • Strategic communication around the need for keeping fossil fuels in the ground;
  • The role of private investors in reducing funding for fossil fuel companies;
  • International agreements on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies in G20 and other fora;
  • The role of fossil fuel subsidies in trade agreements;
  • The role of public finance that directly or indirectly supports fossil fuel production and consumption.

Please note that KR Foundation’s general criteria for funding also apply to the Sustainable Finance programme area.

To submit an application within our Sustainable Finance programme area, please follow our 3-step application process.