Using powerful simulation tools to understand what it takes to meet climate goals

Climate Interactive 


Climate Interactive is a non-profit organisation with an established track record of developing trusted and easily accessible simulation tools. In collaboration with MIT Sloan’s Sustainability Initiative, Climate Interactive has created the En-ROADS energy policy and investment simulator, which helps leaders, governments and NGOs test and understand which policies, initiatives and investments are needed to meet the Paris Agreement. The simulator runs in less than a second and focuses on how changes in global GDP, energy efficiency, technological innovation, deforestation, carbon pricing and many other factors can impact carbon emissions and global temperature.

Using more than 38,000 equations, the En-ROADS simulator can be used to explore questions such as: 

  • Can cheap renewable energy alone limit global temperature rise to below 2°C? 
  • To what extent would a carbon price help? 
  • Can carbon sequestration allow us to continue on our current path of fossil fuel use? 
  • What will it take to limit global temperature rise to below 1.5°C? 
  • What would we have to assume about technology and the economy to scale climate solutions at the speed necessary to achieve our climate goals? 
  • What are the likely dynamics of the emergence of a new energy supply? How fast could it grow and displace high-carbon sources and, thus, reduce carbon emissions? 


Climate Interactive 

Extending and diffusing a powerful simulation exercise to drive climate action 

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Sustainable Finance 

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