Strengthening active citizenship on climate change

The Democracy Center


Large-scale extraction and production of fossil fuels and other natural resources often feeds unsustainable, high-consumption lifestyles, especially in the global North. And at the sites of production, mainly in the global South, it often leads to environmental destruction and sometimes social conflicts. Truly sustainable behaviours mean recognising the need to change this paradigm and move away from “mega-extractivism” of fossil fuels and other natural resources.

With this project, The Democracy Center will strengthen, capacity-build and connect the many local, peaceful activists, who are resisting “mega-extractivist” projects throughout the world. The project will also explore new ways of communicating these peaceful and impactful actions to a wider audience.

Some of the most impactful and inspirational action being taken to protect local environments and the climate, and demand less exploitative relationships with the natural resources, is happening where communities are resisting extractive projects. All over the world, people from different contexts and perspectives are moved to act out of a common motivation to protect their land, water, resources, communities and climate.

The Democracy Center aims to strengthen this local activism by providing direct support to people taking action against extractive projects. Also, to push these issues into the mainstream and engage more people, the project will effectively communicate to a wider audience how active citizenship can be successful in stopping projects.


Through a combination of research and analysis, training and support, and active campaigning, The Democracy Center works internationally to strengthen struggles for social, economic and environmental justice. In this project, The Democracy Center seeks to:

  • Equip more frontline and other activists to act against fossil fuel and other damaging extractive projects
  • Scale up these activist efforts through better communication and shared strategic aims between them
  • Create shifts in public discourse: increased public awareness and discussion of what drives “extractivism” and how it relates to unsustainable consumption
  • Heighten the interest and engagement in active citizenship: more discussion of what action against extractive projects is achieving; overall increased space for a variety of supportive forms of active citizenship for sustainable behaviours

The Democracy Center

From the Ground Up: Strengthening Active Citizenship on Climate Change

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