Rethinking Economics: Expanding the European Network

Rethinking Economics


Our economic system is a root cause of climate change and environmental degradation. Current economics education fails to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to address this problem. This project aims to broaden economics curricula to include other schools of thought and, in doing so, enable the economists of tomorrow to better handle the problems posed by climate change and environmental degradation.

Guided by academics and professionals championing alternative economic thinking, Rethinking Economics (RE) will support and expand an existing European network of local student-led groups to campaign for educational reform at their universities and to collaborate for change at a wider scale. RE will provide training, educational and campaign resources, as well as connect groups to economists, stakeholders and other professionals working within the systems and institutions they seek to change. Together with partners, such as the New Economy Organisers Network, RE will open up academic and policy arena to broader discussions of how we should measure our economies, improving our chances of simultaneously achieving economic and environmental sustainability.

Five UK universities have already reformed their curricula in response to RE campaigns. By growing the European RE network, the project will multiply RE’s capacity for making large-scale, systemic reforms. This European network can then serve as a strong base from which to cultivate a wider international network, which will carry more momentum for a global challenge to prevailing economic thought.


Rethinking Economics (RE) is a student-led movement, founded in 2012 by university students in the UK. RE’s network spans 22 countries (7 in Europe), where students and academics are coordinated and supported to campaign for reforms to higher education. RE’s mission is to: grow this network, make economics more democratic and accessible to the public (through their sister group Economy,, and equip future economists to build a more sustainable and equitable world. Through this project, RE seeks to:

  • Expand their current European network to cover the entire continent and support two members to establish new national networks
  • Broaden higher education economics curricula and the discipline as whole, going beyond traditional neo-classical theory
  • Address the underlying obstacles to sustainability posed by current economic systems

Rethinking Economics

Rethinking Economics: Expanding the European Network

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