Multi-Faith sustainable living initiative



Urgent, ambitious action is needed on a global scale to align lifestyles with a well below 2˚C future. The Multi-Faith Sustainable Living Initiative is a vital new movement that promotes and normalises truly sustainable ways of living among faith communities.

The initiative aims to support faith communities to act as role models to inspire lasting behaviour change, particularly in societies where per capita consumption emissions are high. GreenFaith will achieve this goal by working with a diverse group of high-level faith leaders to identify and foster respected, sustainable cultural norms. The leaders will make public commitments to take action related to sustainable living, particularly in the areas of food, mobility and energy use.

Close to 6 billion people identify with a religion (Pew Research Center, 2017), giving this project an enormous potential impact in terms of widespread behavioural change.

GreenFaith is an international interfaith environmental organisation, based in the US. Their mission is to inspire, educate and mobilise people of diverse religious backgrounds to become leaders in environmental protection. GreenFaith is a respected world leader in operating at the faith-environment interface and benefits from an extensive global and diverse network. Through the Multi-Faith Sustainable Living Initiative, GreenFaith seeks to:

  • Transform lifestyles among faith communities to become aligned with a well below 2˚C future
  • Create a model and build a global movement for widespread community behaviour change towards sustainable, one-planet living


Multi-Faith Sustainable Living Initiative

Programme area:
Sustainable Behaviour

DKK 5,000,000