Making coal phase out politically and socially acceptable

Institut du développement durable et des relations internationals (IDDRI)


With The Paris Agreement from December 2016, the global society agreed to  reduce greenhouse gas emissions rapidly in order to mitigate dangerous climate change. This requires significant reductions in the use of coal in the energy sector. With this project, IDDRI, Climate Strategies and other partners explore the major economic, social and political challenges involved in an early phase-out of coal production and consumption in six coal dependent countries; Australia, China, Germany, India, Poland and South Africa.

In many major greenhouse gas-emitting countries, coal remains an important source of energy and accounts for a dominant share of the total generation of electricity. Phasing out coal is a major economic, social and political challenge, because it affects the labour market, the economy, and energy security. A successful transition away from coal, therefore, requires a whole-of-government approach to create societal acceptance of the many changes this transition necessarily entails.

This project aims to address the challenges related to phasing out coal by linking and reinforcing policy, research and advocacy efforts on coal transition in six countries. The project seeks to strengthen international dialogue and promote learning about coal transition.

IDDRI is a leading think tank on sustainable development with a particular focus on climate and energy. The project, which is implemented by IDDRI in consortium with seven partners, seeks to achieve:

  • Deeper understanding among national and international stakeholders of the implications of the Paris Agreement for the future of coal production and consumption
  • Support for a societally acceptable transition away from coal and the embrace of a coal phase-down with economic renewal in key coal-producing countries
  • Knowledge and acceptance of newly developed policy recommendations and narratives on the future of coal, and concrete steps for national coal phase-out strategies in six countries.


Institut du développement durable et des relations internationals (IDDRI)

Comprehensive, Whole of Government Strategies on Coal Transition in Major Coal Using Countries

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