Keeping carbon in the ground

Oil Change International


Emissions from currently operating fossil fuel production sites alone will eventually push the Earth beyond 2˚C warming and well beyond 1.5˚C. In spite of this, governments, institutions, and industry continue to explore, expand, and finance new coal, gas and oil production. New fossil fuel development locks us into this dangerous emissions trajectory, as well as guaranteeing future dependency on fossil fuels, delaying urgent transition to cleaner energy sources. This project aims to prevent these new developments and advance the political conversation for a managed decline of the production of fossil fuels, in line with the Paris climate goals and a safer climate future.

Oil Change International will work with national and local groups in key countries to produce and disseminate a targeted series of reports and materials. These will empower and inform grassroots movements in these countries (including Canada, Norway, Germany, Australia, Indonesia and the US), as well as support relevant decision-makers in their opposition to new fossil fuel projects.

Oil Change International (OCI) is a US-based research, communication and advocacy organisation working to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Since its establishment in 2005, OCI has placed itself at the centre of the global movement by creating effective campaigns to link action on the ground with advocacy work at national and international scales. Their mission is to use the power of people and information to expose the true costs of fossil fuels, thereby facilitating the transition towards sustainable energy. Through this project, OCI seeks to:

  • Empower and inform grassroots groups and to influence decision-makers through targeted, context-specific briefings;
  • Prevent the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure;
  • Keep coal, gas and oil reserves in the ground to limit global emissions and keep warming below 2˚C.


Oil Change International

Keeping Carbon in the Ground: Advancing the conversation in key countries on carbon budgets and managed decline of the production of fossil fuels

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Sustainable Finance

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