GOblue low-carbon transportation



Transportation powered by fossil fuels contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are projected to increase as more people buy and use cars in countries with rapidly developing economies. China’s growing urban middle class is estimated to be 600-800 million people, and is projected to reach 1 billion, and own up to 600 million cars by 2030.

In China, perception holds that fossil fuel-powered cars are a symbol of prosperity and that only the government are responsible for reducing emissions. This project seeks to challenge these ideas and shift public mindsets towards valuing low-carbon transportation options, such as cycling, walking and public transport, as desirable lifestyle choices that bring independence and good health. The project harnesses the power of advertising and celebrity endorsement to achieve this shift in attitudes. Through 2018-2020, WildAid will partner with leading organisations in the private, public and NGO sectors to disseminate public service announcements delivered by China’s most famous faces. Several campaigns will run each year, each expected to reach tens of millions across the country.

Changing perceptions and behaviours will raise public expectation for safe infrastructure, effective enforcement and supportive government policies. Moreover, switching to low-carbon transportation provides benefits in terms of improved air quality and, therefore, public health on top of emissions reductions. The GOblue project has already made tens of millions of urban consumers reassess their choice of transport. KR Foundation is supporting WildAid to expand this project, maximise its positive impact and demonstrate that individual behaviour change is vital to tackling climate change.


WildAid is a US-based organisation with a mission to protect the environment by reducing demand for harmful products and behaviours. Using a variety of media, public figures and comprehensive research on consumer behaviours, awareness and attitudes, WildAid has become a leader in environmental communication in China, inspiring millions of individuals to reduce their impact on the planet by changing their lifestyles.

Through this project, WildAid aim to:

  • Double the number of public service announcements and extend the campaign to four new cities, more the doubling its audience
  • Change individual mindsets of millions of people in China to favour low-carbon transport over vehicle ownership
  • Create a social norm for the expectation of safe, reliable low-carbon transport options in China


GOblue Low-carbon Transportation Campaign

Programme area:
Sustainable Behaviour

DKK 5,000,000