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Changing the discourse, values and norms attached to economy and prosperity plays an important role in tackling the root causes of climate change and environmental degradation. To reach a truly sustainable global society, we need to conceive of the economy in a different way – moving away from unhelpful economic ideals that have prevailed for decades, towards those conducive to a sustainable economy that serves our collective needs. This project aims to provide and establish a new common understanding of the economy to transform public perceptions, thereby making a sustainable economy more politically feasible.

In early 2018, in collaboration with the FrameWorks Institute; Public Interest Research Centre; and New Economics Foundation, New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) produced the eye-opening report ‘Framing the Economy’. This UK-based research examines the public’s existing conceptions of the economy and presents two recommended alternative understandings, which function as effective strategies to change mindsets. NEON will now establish these alternatives as shared principles for a new economy at an international scale.

The project will build and operate through a network of thought leaders, journalists, communicators and civil society groups, providing a unique space and resources for sharing lessons about framing key issues and coordinating research-based solutions. These key provisions will boost civil society’s capacity to communicate a new, consistent economic narrative focusing on collective care and environmental sustainability.


New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) is a UK-based network of over 1,600 organisers from 900 different civil society groups. NEON’s mission is to help progressive movements by providing training programmes and running well-timed, targeted support campaigns. For example, NEON works in partnership with Rethinking Economics, another of KR’s grantees looking to reform economics education across the world. Through the project, NEON seeks to:

  • To help trigger a systemic shift in prevailing economic thinking, towards that consistent with a sustainable and equitable economy;
  • Create an international network with the capacity to transform public attitudes, norms and values connected with the economy and prosperity;
  • Improve and scale up civil society responses to shape the economic narrative following major global events, like air pollution warnings, financial crises and extreme weather events.

New Economy Organisers Network

Framing the Economy

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