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C40 Cities


Even though many C40 cities in the Global North have reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced within their geographic boundary (from, e.g., power generation), emissions related to the consumption of imported goods (such as food, clothing, and electronics) have, on average, increased by close to 60 pct.

The C40 Thriving Cities Initiative tackles this problem by launching a campaign with at least three C40 mayors to organise a local coalition of community stakeholders implementing a ‘Thriving Cities Roadmap’ of consumption-reducing actions. The aim is to create 21st-century cities that are built to tackle both the environmental and social challenges fostered by a consumer-focused economy. This is done by creating stronger communities, addressing work-life balance, breaking the logic of the consumerism cycle, and working to create a culture that spends and saves sustainably.

Around the world, C40 Cities connects 94 of the world’s largest cities to take bold climate action, leading the way towards a healthier and more sustainable future. Representing 700+ million citizens and one quarter of the global economy, the mayors of the C40 cities are committed to delivering on the most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement at the local level.


C40 Cities

C40 Thriving Cities Initiative Phase 2: Unlocking Sustainable Urban Consumption

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Sustainable Behaviour

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