KR Foundation engages in non-profit activities with positive impacts on our climate and environment. KR Foundation predominantly works within the two programme areas, Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Behaviour, and support projects where neither governments nor market actors seem to have incentives to act.

General criteria for funding

KR Foundation supports activities that:

  • provide scalable solutions with a clear international perspective and a significant impact
  • have a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, including activities that aim to change mind-sets and behaviour
  • have convening power, facilitate cooperation between key stakeholders and help to link existing research and knowledge to action
  • help catalyze desired political processes at an international level and support new leadership (top-down approach) as well as activities aiming to communicate and create awareness (bottom-up approach)
  • take risks and potentially contribute to transformative and systemic change, and challenge conventional wisdom by exploring alternative and creative approaches

KR Foundation’s grants typically range from DKK 2m to DKK 5m with a duration of up to approx. 3 years.


Please note that KR Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. Any future calls for applications will be announced on this website and our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

KR Foundation prioritises communication and advocacy activities within our programme areas but may also consider proposals in other areas that meet our general criteria for funding and that have high potential for impact.

Funding history

Total amount granted
Number of grants
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69m DKK
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95m DKK
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105m DKK
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84m DKK
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87m DKK
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