Funding history

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     Grants 2017

Subarea__ Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Catalyst for Change Islamic Relief UK Driving Faith-Literate Climate Aware Sustainable Behaviours in the Muslim Community Jun/2018 2,917,645
Catalyst for Change Public Interest Research Centre UK Open Framing May/2020 1,394,400
Catalyst for Change Tearfund UK “Renew our World” Apr/2020 2,633,185
Catalyst for Change The Democracy Center BOL From the Ground Up: Strengthening Active Citizenship on Climate Change Jul/2020 2,786,204
Other Collaborating Centre on
Consumption and
Production gGmbH
DE Network of Change: NGOs for sustainable behaviour Jul/2019 2,723,299
Other GreenFaith US One Planet Living Sept/2017 250,000
Other Institute for Global Environmental Strategies JP Hot or Cool Sept/2017 503,000
Subarea__ Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Keep it in the Ground 2° Investing Initiative FR Enhancing the Impact of NGOs and Investors Strategies on Fossil Fuels Nov/2018 1,198,890
Keep it in the Ground Asset Owners Disclosure Project UK Global Climate 500 Index May/2019 400,000
Keep it in the Ground Both ENDS NL New Corporate Social Responsibility Policies for ECAs to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Finance Apr/2019 1,000,000
Keep it in the Ground Fundacion Ambiente y Recursos Naturales AR Incentivizing Fossil Fuel Subsidies Reform in Key Latin American Countries May/2020 2,000,000
Keep it in the Ground InfluenceMap UK Shareholders of the Fossil Fuel Economy: Oil and Gas Value Chain Apr/2018 1,249,275
Keep it in the Ground Oil Change International US Keeping Carbon in the Ground: Advancing the Conversation in Key Countries on Carbon Budgets and Managed Decline Jun/2019 1,400,454
Keep it in the Ground Stichting Bank Information Center NL Exposing the IFC’s Hidden Carbon Footprint May/2020 2,999,548
Keep it in the Ground Urgewald GE Cutting off Bank Finance to Coal Plant Developers May/2019 3,686,964
Other US General Support Apr/2018 2,000,000
Other European Climate Foundation NL The Finance Dialogue for Environmental and Climate Risk Jun/2019 1,259,759
Other New Venture Fund US Global Oil Supply Team Nov/2017 841,000
Subarea__ Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Communi-cation Climate Tracker AU Young Climate Journalist Leadership Program Dec/2017 594,400
International Policy Demokrati i Europa Oplysningsforbundet DK Conference on EU Climate and Energy Politics Dec/2017 65,000
International Policy New Economics Foundation UK Halting the Deregulation Drive: Democratic Law-Making for Sustainable Behaviour Change Jun/2019 1,724,321
International Policy Sandbag Climate Campagin UK Laying the Path to a Post 2030 Integrated EU Wide GHG Emissions Governance Structure Dec/2017 1,000,000
Regranters ClimateWorks Foundation US Mobilizing Philanthropy to Solve the Climate Crisis and Ensure a Prosperous Future 2017-2019 Jun/2019 3,500,000
Regranters Swiss Philanthropy Foundation CH Partners for a New Economy 2017-2018 May/2019 3,350,000
Other Chatham House UK Mainstreaming Climate and Environment in Finance Ministries Dec/2017 701,475
Other New Venture Fund US Laudato Si: Nature, Society, Markets Nov/2017 250,000

     Grants 2016

Subarea Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Catalyst for change Climate Outreach United Kingdom Climate Visuals: Creating & Catalysing a New Visual Language for Climate Change Feb/2019 2,099,493
Catalyst for change Global Action Plan UK United Kingdom Living Life (Not The Planet) To The Max: Challenging Materialistic Notions of Happiness Jan/2019 2,774,352
Catalyst for change Transition Network United Kingdom Municipalities in Transition – Building Bridges between the Transition Movement and Local Governments Mar/2019 3,000,000
Catalyst for change United Charitable, fiscal sponsor of DearTomorrow United States DearTomorrow Jun/2018 1,000,000
Other World Resources Institute United States The Better Buying Lab May/2018 4,129,082
Subarea Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Keep it in the Ground Carbon Tracker Initiative Limited United Kingdom Mapping the energy transition: Core funding support Mar/2018 5,092,521
Keep it in the Ground Carbon Tracker Initiative Limited United Kingdom Quantifying Climate Change Risk Jun/2017 250,000
Keep it in the Ground Center for International Environmental Law United States Trillion Dollar Transformation:  Reshaping Pension Fund Investment to Reflect Climate Risk May/2017 1,027,500
Keep it in the Ground Climate Action Network Europe Belgium Tackling fossil fuel subsidies in Europe Apr/2018 2,963,999
Keep it in the Ground E3G Third Generation Environmentalism United Kingdom From Rogues to Reformers:  Transforming International Public Banks to Drive Sustainable Development and deliver the Paris Agreement Feb/2018 1,922,000
Keep it in the Ground Foundation Development Yes Open-Pit Mines NO (Fundacja Rozwoj Tak Odkrywki Nie) Poland Coal as a Toxic Financial Asset May/2018 1,261,531
Keep it in the Ground Green Budget Europe Belgium Ending Diesel Subsidies in Europe Jan/2019 2,400,000
Keep it in the Ground InfluenceMap United Kingdom Mapping corporate behaviour and influence on fossil fuel subsidies Sep/2017 1,298,850
Keep it in the Ground Overseas Development Institute (ODI) United Kingdom International Campaign – Eliminating Subsidies to Fossil Fuel Production Jun/2018 4,876,725
Keep it in the Ground Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford United Kingdom Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (CCLI): Explaining and promoting duties to company directors with regards to climate risks Mar/2018 3,000,000
Keep it in the Ground SustainableEnergy Denmark Implementing divest-invest in pension funds Nov/2017 700,000
Keep it in the Ground WWF European Policy Office Belgium Driving European asset owners’ energy investments from coal to renewables Nov/2017 3,209,000
Other The Climate Bonds Initiative United Kingdom Climate Bonds Standards and Certification to Support Market Confidence Oct/2017 2,250,000
Other Climate Policy Initiative Italy Accelerating Climate Finance Impacts to Support the Momentum of Paris Aug/2017 3,300,000
Other European Climate Foundation Netherlands Support for the Community of Practice of the Finance Dialogue on Climate Change and Environmental Risk Dec/2017 400,000
Subarea Organization Ctr Project Title End Date Amount DKK
Cities and Communities Samso Energy Academy Denmark Global Expansion of Sustainable Community Projects Oct/2018 3,000,000
Coal Phase-out (not finance) Climate Analytics GmbH Germany A Stress Test for Coal in Europe under the Paris Agreement Feb/2017 630,871
Coal Phase-out (not finance) Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales France Comprehensive, Whole-of-Government Strategies on Coal Transition in Major Coal Using Countries May/2018 5,261,500
Communication Danish Science Journalist Association Denmark European Conference for Science Journalists 2017 Oct/2017 506,000
Communication European Climate Foundation Netherlands Global Strategic Communications Council network May/2018 6,954,470
Energy Efficiency European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Sweden Energy sufficiency – establishing radical policies to achieve absolute reduction of energy consumption Jul/2019 2,000,000
International Policy CDP United Kingdom Accelerating private sector action on climate change to meet the ambition of the Paris Agreement Mar/2018 3,999,576
International Policy Climate Action Network – International Germany CAN International Programs Dec/2018 2,000,880
International Policy ClimateWorks Foundation United States ClimateWorks’ Global Aviation Initiative Dec/2016 233,578
International Policy Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD) United States Strategic Support to Ensure a High-Ambition 2016 HFC Amendment Oct/2016 200,000
International Policy United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Change Support Team United States Global Climate Change Leadership Jun/2017 1,499,999
New Economy The International Centre of the Club of Rome Switzerland New Solutions for Global Sustainability Jul/2017 450,000
New Economy The Rules Foundation United States Culture Hack Lab – Focus: A Post GDP World Feb/2018 900,000
New Economy University of Copenhagen Denmark Developing and Implementing Green National Accounts and the Green GDP Nov/2020 5,245,771
Regranters European Climate Foundation Netherlands Energy Transition Sep/2017 2,000,000
Trade International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development Switzerland Enhancing Climate Action through Trade Policy: Opportunities for the G20 Nov/2017 2,497,000
Transport Transport & Environment Belgium Towards low carbon transport in Europe Dec/2018 2,000,000