KR Foundation Board members are independent and appointed or elected for a term of three years at a time. Appointment, election and re-election usually take place in connection with the annual meeting of the Foundation. If a vacancy arises during a term of office, the appointment and election may, however, take place at the following board meeting. Re-election is possible, however, not more than twice. Appointment, election or re-election is not possible if the member has reached the age of 75 years.

KR Foundation Board members must be legally competent, reputable, reliable and mature as well as fulfil the statutory requirements for serving as a Board member. In connection with the election of members to the Board, efforts will also be made to ensure that the Board members together possess the qualifications desired for the performance of the overall purposes of the Foundation, and that such qualifications include professional insight and a relevant international network within the fields of environment, climate, nature, sustainability, resilience, finance, communication, political processes, processes of changes, etc. KR Foundation Board members and Vice-Chair receive DKK 150,000 annually in compensation. The Chair receives DKK 450,000 annually.