Our Kids’ Climate Global Campaign



The UN IPCC report in 2018 found that it is possible to still limit global warming to 1.5°C, but that we have as little as 12 years to act. The report calls for transformative political and structural change, as well as shifting to sustainable ways of living. It brings attention to the vast and growing gap between the urgency for action and the sustainable behaviours, social norms, politics, and infrastructure necessary for this transition. The urgent call has created a space for new conversations, new leadership, new ways of thinking and new creative methods of organising. 

Our Kids’ Climate will launch a global campaign in at least 12 countries, empowering parents to become more engaged and vocal citizens in the moral call to action. The campaign will consist of a blend of both digital and on-the-ground communications strategies and creative tools that can be adapted by community organisers despite differences in geography, culture, religion, economics and government. Their campaign utilises the power of legacy and applies best practices in climate communications and behaviour science, including narrative storytelling, visual imagery, creating social norms and relying on trusted messengers. 

Through Our Kids’ Climate Global Campaign, DearTomorrow seeks to; 

  • Reach millions of parents worldwide through a robust digital media campaign and harness the power of individuals organising in their own homes and communities to drive meaningful change. 
  • Inspire and empower tens of thousands of parents to adopt meaningful sustainable behaviours in their own lives, become more deeply engaged to influence social norms and demand bold political action of their local and national governments.  
  • Change the public narrative. Our Kids’ Climate global campaign has set an ambitious goal of reaching millions of parents in at least a dozen countries with the values-based messages of parenting, family, and legacy. Target countries include the United States, UK, Canada, Peru, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, France, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, India, and Mexico. 
  • Advance more ambitious, science-based policy targets in at least five countries that take into account the urgency laid out in the 2018 IPCC report.  



Our Kids’ Climate Global Campaign

Programme Area:
Sustainable Behaviour

DKK 3,000,000